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Congress is in the toilet.

Now, I’m not talking about their public approval ratings, but something that truly hits home. For Americans moving into newly constructed homes, there is growing frustration with toilets that simply don’t get the job done.

The new toilets contain less water. Folks are finding they often have to flush several times to do . . . well . . . what toilets are supposed to do. Needing several flushes uses more water and wastes the most precious of all commodities: your time.

So why don’t contractors simply go back to the old toilets people want?

Because Congress legislated these new toilets. It’s against the law to put in the old-style. In fact, a black-market is developing as people plead with their plumbers to install toilets that work.

What will Congress do? Change their silly law or create a new federal police force to raid houses looking for illegally installed toilets? And why didn’t Congress install these new toilets in their own offices first? Why are we always the guinea pigs?

Congress should lead, not just dictate to the rest of us. Out-of-touch politicians think they can change the laws of nature by decree. Haven’t they a clue that the marketplace embraces any product that uses less water or less energy or less of anything that costs money. But the product has to work.

Today, 59 members of Congress have pledged to term-limit themselves. We need more of these citizen statesmen to keep Congress in touch and out of our toilet.

These legislators are on a deadline. They think differently than career politicians. Their goal isn’t to dictate every last detail of our lives. I think Congressmen who aren’t spending the rest of their lives in Washington won’t be so quick to mess with our toilets frankly, something that works pretty darn well, without the help of career politicians.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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