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Salmon are fish so strong they can swim upstream. But when I think of Salmon, Congressman Matt Salmon of Arizona first comes to mind.

Rep. Salmon also swims against the current the career politician current of Washington. He’s limited himself to 6 years and is now in his final term. You’ve heard from professional politicians, but listen to what citizen legislator Matt Salmon recently said:

I’m leaving, believing more firmly in term limits than I ever did when I first got here, because I can’t count on my fingers and toes the numbers of times people have said, “Well, Matt, I know you look at so-and-so as kind of a squishy Congressman, somebody that really kind of vacillates on the issues, but boy you should have known him back when he first got here. Boy, he was the Rock of Gibraltar, he was firm.”I ask them, why did you cast such-and-such a vote, that just doesn’t seem to be in line with your philosophy . . . “well, the Speaker promised that he would come and do a fund-raiser for me, or well, if I cast this vote, then I’ll get this plumb committee spot, then I can raise more money so I can keep coming back here with this wonderful job.” The fact is people do cast their votes based on their political longevity. That’s just the way it is, and that’s the way it will always be until you have a group of people that are more interested in doing what they came to do, and changing the direction of this country than they are in looking out for their own career.

That’s Matt Salmon. Don’t you wish your representative thought like that?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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