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Our Constitution is a magnificent document, unrivaled in human history. It protects the individual freedom we cherish and limits the power of government.

Everyone in politics claims to be “for” the Constitution. But guess what happens when a second-term Congressman introduces a bill to require every law to explicitly state its constitutional authority. The career politicians can’t muster the votes to pass it.

But it gets worse. A group called Citizens for the Constitution made up of former congressmen, federal officials and Washington lawyers is even more unfriendly to the Constitution. These are the same folks who have been running the Congress and several presidential administrations, passing unconstitutional laws for decades. Their goal is to block constitutional amendments.

Now, most Americans are very cautious about amending the Constitution. That’s why only 27 of the thousands of proposed amendments have been adopted. But to suggest our Constitution should not be amended is to say women shouldn’t vote (the 19th Amendment) or slavery should not be outlawed (the 13th Amendment).

The Constitution was written by men not God. Part of the wisdom of the document’s drafters is their recognition of their own fallibility. That’s why they provided a process to amend it. The Constitution isn’t a dead relic to be placed on a museum shelf. It’s a living, breathing document. Let’s protect the Constitution. Sometimes that means amending it in ways powerful politicians oppose. Term limits come to mind.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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