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In Florida, fresh-squeezed orange juice flows like water. And so does support for term limits. In 1992 Florida citizens passed term limits by a record 77 percent vote.

Florida legislators, worried about being squeezed out of power, are now suing the people of Florida who passed term limits by that whopping margin! Of course, Florida’s professional politicians are not alone in their arrogance. Careerists in Ohio and Oregon are also trying to repeal term limits or at the very least delay the limits from taking effect. Current polls that show voters want to keep term limits just as they are. Still, politicians cynically claim to be pro-term limits even as they support delaying and lengthening the limits.

The voters aren’t fooled. They know these same politicians blocked term limits for years. Politicians in Ohio and Oregon won’t get away with their attack on the term limits laws there. Legislators will also lose their lawsuit against the people of Florida the courts have upheld limits in California and Michigan and many other states. In 2000, these states will see more competition then they’ve known in decades. Nearly 90 of 160 Florida legislative seats will be subject to term limits, enabling competitive elections for many seats that are long overdue for new blood. Soon, not only will you be able to get fresh-squeezed orange juice in Florida, but more important, fresh-squeezed legislators.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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