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A while back, I told you about Congress legislating smaller toilets that perform so poorly that a black-market has developed for the old outlawed toilets that actually work. It’s outrageous that the politicians think they can dictate every aspect of our lives, and in the process take things that work and break them.

Well, our federal government is at it again. Our career Congress has given the Department of Energy the authority to regulate our household appliances. It seems that the bureaucrats at the D.O.E. don’t like washing machines in which clothes load from the top. They say front-loading machines use less energy. The problem, however, is that consumers want top-loading machines. 95 percent of consumers purchase these washers. The front-loading machines have been on the market for years, but they cost more and they just don’t work to the satisfaction of consumers.

Too bad, say the politicians and bureaucrats. The Department of Energy is in the process of regulating our popular washing machines right out of existence. Of course, the makers of the politically favored washers are happy. Ben Lieberman of the Competitive Enterprise Institute reports: “Producers admit that they don’t even have to worry about consumer satisfaction since the public would no longer have a choice.”

If career politicians knew anything about washing machines, there wouldn’t be so darn much dirty laundry in Washington. Tell them to leave our washing machines alone. And our toilets too while you’re at it.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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