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Some people have no business giving advice.

For instance, Howard Stern shouldn’t give advice on etiquette or diplomacy. Nor should Dennis Rodman tell us how to blend into the crowd. When it comes to advice on how to be frugal and guard our tax dollars, it ought not come from Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia.

Byrd is known as the king of pork barrel spending, having tried to move whole agencies of the federal government to his home state at what would have been an enormous cost to the taxpayers. If all his pork-barreling actually benefited the people, West Virginia would be the wealthiest state in the country. It’s not. It’s one of the poorest.

But of course, none of this stops Senator Byrd from pouring forth advice like a leaky fountain. Byrd complains in an article entitled “Time for Truth In Spending” that many of his pet programs are “facing crippling budget reductions under the current budget caps.” Yet, the budget caps allow more spending every year. There are no cuts.

The truth? One cannot teach an old Byrd new tricks. He wants to keep spending, always more and more. During the Senator’s 41 years in Washington our national debt has grown 20 times over from just under $283,000,000,000 to more than $5,682,000,000,000. Thanks for standing guard Mr. Byrd, but no thanks.

Senator Byrd created the fiscal mess, spending us nearly into bankruptcy. Frankly, his advice is for the birds.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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