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It’s hard to get where you’re going these days. You’re stuck in traffic. Why? Career politicians and their special interest cronies. They’re afraid of competition, afraid of new ideas. So the government continues to run the transportation business. Even though they do a lousy job and you’re stuck in traffic.

The career politicians and their special interest cronies are happy. The politicians get to control a key sector of the economy. They get to rake in campaign contributions from special interests get special favors. When it comes to traffic, solutions that could help you get from here to there are oftentimes illegal. All over the country, various transportation monopolies are protected by law from competition. In many cities, vans are outlawed by politicians in league with the taxi cab companies.

Transportation bills in Congress are loaded, not with solutions, but with political pork. But it’s tough politically to do something about it. Career politicians don’t like new ideas, because they actually benefit from old power structures. Drivers and commuters lose out, unless they hire lobbyists of their own. We pay all kinds of fees and taxes that are supposed to be spent on transportation. Problem is political whims determine where that money goes, not the actual needs and wants of consumers.

Politics is making real transportation solutions illegal. We need new ideas and new people in power to change the rules. The first traffic jam we have to break up is the monopoly of career politicians.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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