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Congresswoman Tillie Fowler won’t ‘fess up.

In 1992, Councilwoman Fowler supported a local term limits measure that passed with an 82 percent vote. She also endorsed the Florida term limits law dubbed “Eight is Enough” that passed with 77 percent. She ran for Congress that year and pledged to serve no more than 8 years. She won.

When she first got to Capitol Hill, Fowler insisted on the floor of Congress, “I am committed to adhere to the 8-year term limit if my voters choose to keep me here that long.” Last year Congresswoman Fowler reaffirmed her pledge saying, “My commitment remains. The 1998 election will be my last, and, should I win another term in 1998, I will retire from the House.”

Pretty darn clear.

But after the ’98 election, rumors started to make the rounds that she would break her pledge. When a public firestorm ensued, Fowler claimed she hadn’t made up her mind. Good people keep their word; bad people break their word. Mrs. Fowler can’t make up her mind.

Her hometown paper now refers to her as “Slick Tillie.” Fowler told USA Today that being in a minor leadership role in Congress has given her “a more open mind on term limits.” When folks in Washington speak of having an open mind it usually signals that all their good sense has fallen out.

At one point, Fowler even said that perhaps she had been “too honest” with people. Too honest? Nice trick, but Slick Tillie, tricks are for career politicians.

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