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The payroll taxes taken out of our checks for Social Security are a big bite. Most of us pay more in payroll taxes than in federal income taxes, state taxes, or virtually any of our monthly bills.

Politicians preach that Social Security is a sacred trust with the people. What phony baloney! If Social Security is a trust, that trust has been shattered by career politicians.

Year in, year out, budget after budget, they raid the money taken from the mouths of your family and mine, and fritter it away on one failed program or another. But folks in Washington promised that this year would be different. Social Security would be placed in a “lock-box,” not to be touched.

Well, there they go again. Another promise that lasted about 5 seconds. With Congress passing so-called emergency spending bills and the president calling for even more, it seems very easy to get the keys to that lock-box lately.

The only folks in Congress serious about standing up against this flim-flam are those who have limited their terms. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is battling both parties to hold the line against a new round of wasteful spending. Mark Sanford of South Carolina is working to put your Social Security dollars under your control and out of the reach of spendaholic politicians. The professional politicians will continue to defraud taxpayers until Social Security goes belly-up or the payroll taxes smother future generations.

The small band of citizen legislators like Coburn and Sanford need your help to stop this madness.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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