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Another shooting spree leaves more people dead, this time in a church in Ft. Worth, Texas. What can we do to stop these acts of violence?

Darn good question. First, though, let’s stop blaming ourselves. A headline in my paper screams, “America the Violent.” These acts are not the fault of society at large. You and I are part of society. I’m not to blame for these shootings. Are you?

Stop blaming guns. My state representative sent me a letter saying, “I voted for no guns at school.” Idiotic. Did anybody vote to put guns in schools?

Stop blaming the media and video games and movies. Some of this is offensive, but it doesn’t put a gun in someone’s hand and pull the trigger for him.

When it comes to politicians I admit it’s tempting to blame them. Politicians do their darnedest to screw up an awful lot of things. But these shootings are not the fault of politicians. In fact, most agree that none of the gun laws or other measures being emotionally debated in Congress would have prevented any of these killings.

Who is to blame? The killers. That’s where moral responsibility lies. They’re the ones that did it.

The hallmark of a civilized society is individual responsibility. When we blame others for what criminals do, we send the wrong signal. It’s not society’s fault. Let’s teach our kids that everyone is responsible for his or her own actions, good actions or bad.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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