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On too many tough streets it’s a jungle where young people are often pressured into joining gangs. One place you don’t expect gang activity is the halls of our nation’s Capitol.

Yet, in Congress pressure to join the gang is enormous. The congressional gangs are organized by the leadership of both parties. If you question the analogy between the congressional leadership and a street gang, consider the experience of Representative Bob Schaffer of Colorado.

Schaffer is a different breed who pledged to limit his time in Congress. His short-term status in Washington helps him keep his common sense and integrity. He was singled out by the National Taxpayers Union as the most frugal congressman for spending the least tax dollars on his office. Believing Congress is violating the 27th Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits Congress from taking a salary increase without first standing for re-election, Schaffer sued to stop the automatic pay raises career politicians keep giving themselves.

Boy, that really angered the gang in Congress! They kicked Schaffer off the Republican Policy Committee as punishment.

You see, fighting for reform in Washington, doing what you believe is right, and not becoming a career politician is against the rules of the gang.

Now, young people should think for themselves and stay out of gangs. It’s tough to fight peer pressure, but it’s critical that they reject the corruption the gangs bring to the neighborhood. Doesn’t the same go for our congressmen?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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