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My wife and I had children because we wanted to hold those bundles of joy, to hear that pitter-patter of little feet, to tackle the challenges of a teenager. Well, not so much the last, but we’ll deal with it.

We certainly didn’t take federal tax policy into account. No one should be making decisions about marriage and family on the basis of the tax code. And politicians shouldn’t have the power to alter our plans, our families.

But that’s what they seek to do when they manipulate the tax code. Get ready voters are about to be hit with all kinds of special tax proposals. Proposals to reward marriage, punish marriage, reward having children, punish having children, reward us for staying home with our kids and reward us for sticking our kids in day care.

Where will it end? And is it really any business of the federal government?

Career politicians in Washington think so. They want your vote so they offer to alter the tax code to your advantage. The next moment they suggest changes for another group’s interest. The winners? Politicians who confiscate ever more influence over our most personal and important decisions.

When it comes to marriage, having children and caring for them, people should choose from what’s in their hearts and NOT what government will take, or not take, out of their pockets. Politicians should cut taxes across the board instead of trying to manipulate our behavior as if we were lab rats. Career politicians in Washington need to know that when it comes to our families, we do it for love, not money. Our kids are too important.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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