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“Houston, we’ve got a problem . . . ” A line made famous by the movie Apollo 13.

But taxpayers in Houston, the nation’s fourth largest city, have got no problems at all after recent elections put a majority on the city council pledged not to raise taxes. Taxpayers for Accountability is trumpeting the results of the recent election and crediting a reform made several years ago in Houston: term limits.

The group says, “Thanks to term limits, [taxpayers] now have the majority power to defeat future tax increases.” Of course, politicians have been known to say one thing and then do another especially if it’s in their career interest. But term limits take away the temptation to trade what’s right for what is expedient career-wise. Political careers aren’t allowed.

The new anti-tax majority includes council members who have lived and worked under term limits for several years. They’ve kept their word on taxes. The National Taxpayers Union found the same was true for congressmen who limit themselves voluntarily. According to an NTU report, “Lawmakers who keep their pledge to limit their own terms appear to keep other promises as well-lower spending and less government.”

Making certain our elected officials have only public service in mind, and not a lengthy career as a pampered, pensioned, well-perked politician, means a new level of frugality, accountability and honesty. That’s sure to put a bounce in any taxpayer’s step . . . as if he were walking on the moon.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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