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It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game. Old-fashioned I know, but I think it’s right. Don’t care any less about winning. The point is to care most about playing by a high standard, which makes winning truly worthwhile.

Today, too often, we see a different standard in play: win at all costs. My team right or wrong. This morally degrades our society. Many Republicans were amazed that the country didn’t stand up behind them in the impeachment and trial of President Clinton. But polls throughout the scandal showed that most voters thought Mr. Clinton’s morality was about average for politicians in Washington. Had those in Congress held any true moral authority with the public it might have gone differently.

Take George Nethercutt from Washington State. He said Clinton should resign for breaking his word and misleading the country. But then Nethercutt broke his commitment to the voters to step down after three terms. Illegal Chinese money poured into the 1996 Clinton/Gore campaign. We were shocked by it, but again there was no trust in Congress to investigate. Similar illegalities occurred in Republican Jay Kim’s 1992 race. A third of his campaign funds came from illegal contributions. Yet GOP leaders didn’t expel him; they supported him. Rep. David Drier said, “His plight has not diminished his effectiveness here in Congress.” What a rotten bunch! Given a choice, Americans will rally to those who play the game with honor and justice. Given a choice.

This is Common Sense.  I’m Paul Jacob.

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