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The Silver Bullet

Remember the Lone Ranger? With the help of Tonto, he fought corruption and injustice in the old West. His trademark was a silver bullet.

In his new book Completing the Revolution, columnist and TV commentator Robert Novak says, “Term limits is the silver bullet, because unless you have term limits . . . you can’t do the other things I talk about cutting taxes, ending the IRS system, privatizing Social Security because they’re afraid they’re going to lose their seat.” Novak blames the lack of progress by the Republicans on their careerism.

The rest of us see it too. A Rasmussen Research poll confirms that 72 percent of Americans now view the federal government as “a special interest that looks out primarily for its own interests.” The longer politicians stay in office the more they become part of the special interests of Washington, and the more they pursue their own power through their constant reelection.

Not surprisingly, those in Congress who have imposed term limits on themselves don’t suffer from this careerism bug the dreaded Potomac Fever. They’re more concerned with doing what they came to do than with scrambling to protect their own political career.

We need more representatives in Washington with the courage and integrity of the Lone Ranger. Folks who will fight the good fight. And that’s why term limits are the silver bullet.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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