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As the presidential campaign heats up, politicians are apt to get even nastier in attacking their opponents. No one does that better than Vice-President Al Gore.

Gore has claimed to be the inventor of the Internet, the inspiration for the book Love Story, and a ghostwriter for Hubert Humphrey in 1968. In each case, our impressive Vice-President has been forced to admit his claims were, let’s just say, not true.

Now comes an ugly scene in New Hampshire where Gore’s campaign workers splashed mud on Senator Bob Kerry of Nebraska and called Rep. Jerry Nadler of New York “fatso.” All of this came as both men were campaigning for Gore’s Democratic opponent, Bill Bradley. It was intended to prevent the two from speaking to reporters.

Gore’s spokesman later defended the thuggish behavior as merely an exercising of the First Amendment. But here’s the kicker: Gore has attacked Bradley for stepping down from the U.S. Senate after 3 terms, as if everyone should worship the idea of a lifetime of Washington power-wielding. And now his campaign workers chant “Quitter, quitter” at Sen. Kerry, who is leaving office after 18 years.

Our country was founded by those striving to limit political power. George Washington stepped down after two terms as president to make the point that our country shouldn’t allow anyone to monopolize political power. Abraham Lincoln stepped down after one term in Congress.

Were Lincoln and Washington quitters? Ask Al Gore.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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