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Stop the presses. We’ve got a scoop.

Or rather, don’t stop the presses. What would be the point? It will be illegal for us to know about this scoop until after the November election. You know the old saying: “All the news that’s fit to print except anything that might embarrass an entrenched incumbent.” Or something like that.

Let me explain. During the ’96 Clinton-Gore campaign, Vice President Al Gore participated in an illegal fundraiser at a Buddhist temple. Question is: did Vice President Al Gore, also known as Mr. Navet Incarnate, even know he was at a fundraiser? He claims he didn’t know, that he had just swung by the temple to press the flesh and lock up the Buddhist-monk vote.

Well, turns out there’s a videotape of Al Gore’s flesh-pressing. But a certain Judge Paul Friedman has sealed the tape from public view until after the fall election. And guess what? It’s the only piece of evidence in the case against the host of the fundraiser that isn’t being made public. And guess what else? Janet Reno’s Justice Department carefully steered the case to Friedman, a Clinton appointee, flouting rules that say cases like this should be randomly assigned to avoid political favoritism.

Seems kind of suspicious, don’t it? Well, thank God for a judge and a Justice Department that understand how a free republic should actually work. I guess we don’t want voters to see all the evidence, do we? After all, then voters might make a fully informed decision.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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