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Okay, no big surprise that people don’t like paying taxes. But it may surprise you that the number one reason people hate paying their income taxes is that they believe the federal government will waste about half the money we fork over to them.

That’s right: according to an ABC News poll, on average, Americans believe 46 cents out of every tax dollar they pay is wasted by the Washington bureaucracy. But such waste isn’t simply bad management. The politicians will go to extraordinary lengths to have our tax money because it, after all, is the real source of their power. Once they’ve got it, of course, they’ll proceed to spend it to “help” people, of course.

President Clinton always wants to “help” people. Now he is giving 300,000 Native Americans heavily subsidized phone service. Mr. Clinton is giving it, but you are paying for it. The cost of your phone service is being raised by decree of the FCC. Is this what Indians want? If so, why don’t they spend their own money for phone service?

Keep in mind, this is the same Clinton administration that just last year was found in contempt of court for what a federal judge called “deception” and “abuse” in mishandling over $2.5 billion of Indian trust funds. Seems to me the federal government should stop swiping your money, the Indians’ money, and the money of the guy down the street. Heaven knows they’ll only waste it.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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