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Last week President Clinton explained that he fought against his own impeachment to “save the Constitution.” It makes one wonder whether ole Bill even knows the difference between the Constitution and his own posterior because he was certainly trying to save one of those two things.

Of course, Clinton’s excuse-making pales in comparison to the Justice Department’s snatching of Elian Gonzales. We’ve all seen the picture of a man shielding Elian while a soldier with a machine gun demands the young boy. The man in the photo is the fisherman who saved the boy’s life after Elian’s mother had drowned escaping Castro’s Cuba and trying to reach America.

Many Americans, whether they favor returning the boy to the father or keeping him with the Miami family, were deeply disturbed by the actions of the Justice Department. How could this happen in America? A court had just ruled that the boy had a right to seek asylum and attorneys close to the case claim negotiations over the disposition of the boy had not broken down at the time of the raid.

Now Janet Reno claims they were upholding “the rule of law.” She’s a lot like her boss, Mr. “I-don’t-know-what-the-meaning-of-is-is-but-I’m-saving-the-Constitution” Clinton. I guess for this administration, “the rule of law” means government can exercise its power any way it wants if it can get away with it. And this administration sure does have a knack for getting away with it.

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