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When money was tight the career politicians in Washington were spending it like there was no tomorrow.

Now with a surplus watch out!

There are lots of “good ideas” in this world. Of course, since every good idea costs money except maybe one we can’t afford to do everything for everyone.

But sometimes government thinks it can. Who can be against a new hospital? More money for the needy? Higher pay for soldiers, and teachers, and policemen? Shouldn’t we fund NASA and reach for the stars? Find cures for diseases! A chicken in every pot. A computer for every child! End poverty! Abolish unemployment and mandate eternal happiness for all! Swell ideas, each of them.

But we have to ask ourselves a question: Do we have the right, constitutional or moral right, to spend our neighbor’s money to fund our dreams? If we do, so do the millionaire ball club owners who want their stadiums built at taxpayer expense.

Jeff Flake, a congressional candidates who has signed the term limits pledge, says that, “If anybody can conclude that spending public money on a football stadium is OK at the local level, then heaven knows what they would do at the federal level in that candy store.” Those, like Flake, who don’t want a political career sure are a lot better at saying NO to demands for more candy.

Here’s another idea: maybe folks should pay their own way in life and not be dependent on government. Hmmm, I like that one.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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