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The White House will soon project a “huge” budget surplus totaling $1.8 trillion over ten years. By the time you hear this, the projection will have already been made, of course. Just so you know I’m working from a projection of a projection, not the actual projection.

Who knows whether the money will ever show up? Just because the feds say they’ll be able to collect a certain amount in taxes doesn’t mean they’ll do it. Maybe there will be a couple recessions in there bollixing up the works. Maybe another couple of wars or “police actions.” Who knows what could happen.

I guess they can safely project that you and I won’t quit our jobs and go on the dole. But suppose the surplus funds do come in. How to spend them? Clinton wants to expand Medicare. Gore wants to fund all kinds of environmental measures.

Other politicians have other so-called “investments” in mind. By the way, investment is what Washington calls spending your money these days. Just thought you’d want to know that. Everybody’s forgetting that we’ve got a $5 trillion-dollar national debt. If the feds do get a couple extra hundred billion dollars in any particular year, can’t they pay down that debt? They could do that anyway, just by cutting all the useless spending on special interests.

Rather than fighting about how to spend all the excess taxes we’re paying cut spending, cut the debt, cut our taxes. Give the money back. Give it back! You’ve got my mailing address, don’t you?

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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