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We’re getting to know Senator Joe Lieberman a little better, now that Al Gore has chosen him to be his vice-presidential running mate.

Lieberman is the first Jewish person to run for President or Vice President. But his religion is not what’s important to voters; instead many are impressed with his commitment to his religion. It’s refreshing to see someone not obsessed with politics to the exclusion of all else. Yet, I’m very troubled by a self-centered decision Lieberman appears set to make.

You know that Senator Lieberman is running for Vice President. But did you know he’s also running for the U.S. Senate? Connecticut law allows him to run for both offices, but that doesn’t make it right. Does Lieberman think no one else in his entire state can do the job of a U.S. Senator? Not one of the over 3 million citizens of Connecticut?

And if he wins the vice-presidency, the governor must either call a special election, which costs the taxpayers extra and promises lower turnout, or appoint someone to fill in for the next two years, thus denying the voters a choice. This has all the politicians scheming.

But Senator Lieberman can end all the political calculations by doing the right thing. Run for Vice President. Give it your all. Good luck. But step down and let an election be held fair and square for the Senate seat. It’s simple, Senator Lieberman: Give someone else a chance.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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