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Cynics tell us term limits will never work. You can’t fight city hall, they say. The politicians will just run for a different office, play musical chairs and hold onto power regardless.

h really? Let’s take a look at what happened in the recent primaries in Michigan. Michigan’s state legislature has term limits that are sweeping 64 legislators out of office this year and allowing that much new blood in. Now of course some of Michigan’s longtime legislators did seek another office most at the local level. But six of the eight legislators who are leaving due to term limits lost in the August 8th primaries.

Senator Gary Hart of Dearborn lost his second bid for Wayne County treasurer 20 years after his first failed attempt. Senate Minority Leader Virgil Smith of Detroit failed in his third try for Wayne County prosecutor, after serving 24 years in the legislature. State Rep. Gerald Law got knocked out of the race for Plymouth Township treasurer. And after more than 20 years as a state legislator, Senator Bill Bullard of Milford was denied what would have been the crowning achievement of his political career, a nomination for county drain commissioner.

ncumbency is a powerful force. But you can’t take it with you from one office to another. Under term limits, it’s a whole new world a world where people compete on a much more level playing field. Even the post of drain commissioner is up for grabs.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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