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Don’t you hate it when politicians put their careers ahead of their duty as our representatives? It’s even worse when they do so using our tax dollars.

Monday, September 11, 2000

This year Education Secretary Richard Riley has been traveling so much he’s managed to attend campaign events for 10 vulnerable congressional incumbents. In fact, 80 percent of his visits have been with Democrats facing tough reelection campaigns. All the trips have been paid for by you guessed it you, the taxpayer.

Mr. Riley declined to speak to reporters, but his spokesperson said, “It’s all education-related.” Well, that’s very nice. Education-related.

Yes, our well-paid Education Secretary is campaigning for his cronies and sending taxpayers the bill, but not to worry, his tax-funded PR flak says it’s “education-related.” What’s the job description of the Secretary of Education? Does he actually administer and manage the Department? Or is he just a glorified messenger with a briefcase full of tax dollars? If politics is what motivates Mr. Riley then he should go to work for the Democratic National Committee, not the taxpayers.

One Republican suggested Riley has been in Washington long enough to learn how to abuse the system. Both parties do this and both parties are wrong. The longer folks stay in Washington, the more likely they are to forget that it’s not their money it’s yours.

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