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We were the first country in which a free people created the government. The Constitution that empowered our government also limited it. But Americans weren’t satisfied that our rights were protected from tyranny until the Bill of Rights was passed, too. That’s why I’m concerned about several stories that suggest IRS audits and federal indictments are being used selectively against those who speak out against abuse of power.

For instance, the IRS is threatening a woman who publicly took both Al Gore and Bill Clinton to task. There isn’t proof that this is being politically orchestrated, but it sure seems strange that she joins the ranks of Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and Elizabeth Ward Gracen, all of whom have accused Clinton of misconduct and then been audited by the IRS.

And many conservative groups like the NRA and the Heritage Foundation also have been audited in the last few years, raising more red flags. And there’s the whistle-blower who embarrassed the Justice department by publicly revealing that government authorities had used incendiary weapons at Waco something the feds had long denied.

Now the whistle-blower, former US attorney William Johnson, may be indicted for withholding some of his personal notes from the FBI. That is a criminal offense. But several others who withheld information are not being indicted. The only difference? They didn’t embarrass the government. Maybe it’s all a big coincidence. But if not, this is a most despicable tyranny.

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