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Republicans poke fun at Vice President Al Gore for claiming to have invented the Internet. But political braggadocio isn’t unique to Democrats.

Representative George Nethercutt of Washington State says he must break his word to the voters to step down after three terms because he is so close to finding a cure for diabetes. He’s there in his office right now poring over a microscope. How can Nethercutt still do his congressional work while also doing the biochemistry, you ask? Well, this is Washington. And the cure here, for everything, is to throw other people’s money at it.

What Nethercutt is really looking for isn’t a cure not that he’s against one but votes. But how sad that politicians are so desperate to look good that they pretend they are wonderful for being in favor of what everyone else is in favor of, too. I’m not against a cure for diabetes…are you? Yet I hate to think that all medical research decisions will become political decisions, with everyone suffering from one disease trying to grab dollars away from everyone suffering from another disease.

And I just don’t buy that career politicians are medical wizards for handing out our money. Normal people like you and me take it for granted that folks won’t see us as ax-murdering creeps even if we don’t constantly insist we’re in favor of education, health, and sunshine. For some reason, politicians feel the need to shore themselves up here. Hmmmm. If the shoe fits. . . .

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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