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Boy, the politicians in Washington are such kidders. Always joking around. What a hoot. So funny I forgot to laugh.

The latest rib-tickler is Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott’s gentle jibe about taking jobs away from Georgia voters if they don’t vote for a Republican for the U.S. Senate. While campaigning in Atlanta with Republican Senate candidate Mack Mattingly, Lott suggested in no uncertain terms that he would snatch away a lucrative military contract from an Atlanta-based company and flip it to Mississippi if Georgia voters don’t elect Mattingly to the Senate this November.

Of course, no one in the crowd seemed to know that it was a joke when Lott stated, “If Mack is not there [in the Senate], I will do everything I can to move the whole operation to Mississippi. If Mack is there, we’ll split the difference. We’ll build the fuselage and you’ll do the rest. You get my drift here?” Okay, Lott. We get it. Ha, ha, ha. Stop, you’re killing me.

Later, when a reporter asked Lott about his implied threat, he was told it was all in fun. Yeah. Well, perhaps if our career politicians didn’t make so many decisions that affect our safety and our pocketbooks with only their own political interests in mind, it would be easier to know when they’re joshing and when they’re turning the screws. Mr. Majority Leader, keep the day job. On the other hand, maybe it’s time you got out of politics as well as stand-up comedy.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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