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Merry Christmas, folks.  Boy, I’m telling you, this is getting to be a rough time of year. I just got a letter complaining about the entrenched incumbency of a certain office-holder in the North Pole.

“Dear Paul,” writes Virginia Grinch of Whoville, New York. “Should Santa Claus be term-limited? He has held the same office since the 19th century. He stays in power by bribing pint-sized lobbyists who annually demand free goodies. Furthermore, many elves in his workshop have complained that Claus is arrogant in exercising his authority, and that he is even becoming excessive in his attentions toward some of the intern elves. It is time for Santa Claus to go. Sincerely, Virginia Grinch.”

Well, Virginia, I haven’t heard these charges about abuse of authority. I tend to doubt them though. I think Santa is a very merry, jolly, all-around nice guy. It is true that many private organizations could benefit from term-limiting their top officers. But even if a private group fails to organize itself in the best way, the damage it can do is limited.

By contrast, when it comes to government the whole citizenry suffers from the excesses of endless incumbency. Now, Kris Kringle deals with people on a completely voluntary basis. Taxpayers are not forced to pay for the gifts that Santa distributes. All he does is spread joy and happiness, and that should go on forever. So, no, Virginia, there should be no term limit on Santa Claus.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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