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In Missouri they say, “Show me!” Maybe they should make that the motto of Minnesota, too. That’s where a citizen legislator named Jesse Ventura, former wrestler, former actor, and present-day XFL football announcer body slammed politics as usual and snagged the governor’s seat in 1998, despite fierce competition from two career politicians.

Minnesota is one of only 12 states without mandatory term limits on the governor. But Ventura believes in term limits and is adamant that he will not serve more than two terms. Minnesota is also the home state of U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone, currently serving his second term. Like Ventura, Wellstone promised to serve no more than two terms in his office. Except, guess what, he has just announced that he will indeed run for a third term as Senator.

I just hope the Senator one day finds his way back into the light. That may be sooner than he plans. A recent statewide poll shows that most Minnesotans, 55 percent, feel that Wellstone is morally obligated to step down in 2002. I guess that means Minnesotans still care about integrity, unlike Wellstone. And in a hypothetical 3-way race between former Senator Rod Grams, Governor Ventura, and Wellstone, the poll hints that Ventura would edge out both competitors.

Ventura hasn’t said he’ll throw his hat in the ring. But we do know this. One, he’s a guy who means what he says, and will keep his term limit pledge. And two, he’s already won a three-way political rassling match.

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