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Forget about the rolling blackouts in California. Forget about our shaky relations with China, the federal debt, that F your kid just got on his math test or your trouble paying the rent this month. Yeah, we’ve got a real crisis on our hands, folks. I know you will be as stunned as I was. If you have a heart problem, I urge you to change the station right now.

No, it’s not a giant asteroid hurtling toward the earth. It’s term limits hurtling toward career politicians in the state of Maine. “It has been a disaster, a total and complete disaster,” says a college professor in Maine who was quoted in the paper recently. And the career politicians are nodding their heads furiously. For example, Maine’s governor, Angus King, says that by the time he leaves office after reaching his own eight-year limit, he will have served with a number of different speakers of the House and presidents of the Senate.

In the olden days, of course, you could get acquainted with just one guy and be sure he would stick around forever. What a catastrophe having to meet and greet so many new faces. King also complains now, get this that under term limits new people are constantly coming into the legislature and some lawmakers are being forced to leave office even when they are willing to continue to serve!! Oh no! So term limits have actually limited terms?! What a disaster for the career politicians. Somebody call an ambulance.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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