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It seems that the Washington elite politicians, lobbyists, the movers and shakers just aren’t appreciated by the rest of the country. It’s not their fault; it’s just that the American people aren’t sophisticated enough to understand the wonders of Washington.

Former Speaker Tom Foley recently complained that his constituents thought he was living high on the hog. Said Foley, “All I could think of was the humble basement apartment I lived in while I was flying back and forth to my district every weekend.” No mention that in addition to his “humble” Spokane apartment, Foley had a million-dollar home in Washington, D.C. Well, a minor detail really.

Another defender of Washington is Rep. George Nethercutt, who used the term limits issue to defeat Foley. Once in the capitol, however, Nethercutt found that the powerful in Washington aren’t so bad after all once you’re part of the club and they “have the best interests of the country at heart.” Yet, Nethercutt worries that citizens will misunderstand the magnificent importance of the Washington elite. He tells of the angry faces of those who wait in traffic jams caused by police blocking off the roads to allow congressmen a carefree drive to the Capitol to vote.

Nethercutt explains, “It’s symbolic of the perception that there is an elitism for those of us who serve. All we’re trying to do is vote. We’re trying to do our job and we hope to help the people sitting in those cars.” Of course, the stranded motorists must get to their jobs, too. But the Washington elite cannot be burdened with such trivial matters; they’re too busy running our lives.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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