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Sometimes I gotta laugh. Really. I thought I’d heard every possible argument against term limits. But then this guy Kevin Kelley out in Michigan, managing director of the Michigan State Medical Society, publishes an article in the Detroit News that really takes the cake.

Maybe you’ve heard the claim that term limits somehow increases the power of lobbyists and staffers at the expense of legislators. Despite this alleged fact, the vast majority of lobbyists and the staffers loathe and despise term limits. It’s no mystery. A cozy relationship with just one guy that lasts decade after decade is very convenient for them.

Anyway, this guy Kelley out in Michigan has a new spin on things. According to Kelley, term limits is causing the state’s executive branch to become, and I quote: “less responsive to the people’s representatives and senators.” The reason is that they “know those individuals will be gone in six or eight years.”

Then Kelley asks: “How fast would you move on a project, issue or neighborhood effort if you knew the person whom you were working with would be gone in a finite period of time?” Gee, I guess I would move pretty fast. I mean, if I had a tight deadline like you say, Mr. Lobbyist.

Makes you wonder how the guy spends his time if he thinks you can’t complete a project with another human being unless you know the other guy will be stuck in the same place for all eternity.

Here’s my suggestion. If you’re not getting stuff done fast enough, make a to-do list or hire a helper. But leave term limits alone.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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