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Maybe you’ve seen it on television, the story about the red Corvette. A car we’d all love to own, if only we could afford to splurge that much dough on a sports car.

Yet, some hoodlums, working allegedly for you and me in the Department of Education, ripped off enough tax dollars to buy thousands of them. The Department of Education cannot account for $450 million dollars spent over the last three years.

Where did the money go? Apparently, it just vanished for corvettes, laptops, you name it.

Congressman Charlie Norwood says, “They’ve got thousands of people in the Department of Education running around with credit cards that they absolutely can spend large amounts with and nobody’s checking it.”

Sounds like our federal government all right. Want to know what Congress is going to do about this colossal rip-off? Oh . . . nothing. They’ll bluster and bark and demand better controls, sure. The Education Department can’t say where they flushed $450 million dollars. But they are going to get even more money this year and next and the year after that. So don’t think anyone over at the Department is sweating over this.

Maybe now is a good time to question why we send good money to the Department of Education in Washington in the first place. This bureaucracy doesn’t educate a single child. It just wastes lots of our tax dollars, then slaps ridiculous mandates on the dollars that do trickle back to the states.

Doesn’t make sense from any angle unless, that is, you’ve got your heart set on donating red corvettes to the bandits in Washington.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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