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The good news, if you are inclined to view it that way, is that the government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is still functioning. If you didn’t know that was ever in doubt, you’ve missed one of our modern society’s latest brouhahas.

You see, Republican Governor Jane Swift recently became the first governor in U.S. history to give birth while in office. (Twin girls by the way.) Swift swiftly became a target. Political hacks combined their experience in partisan attack politics with their know-it-all busy body attitude concerning our personal lives. The amusing result was Democrats attacking a woman for holding a job and being a mother at the same time . . . and Republicans defending her.

Governor Swift’s past behavior has no doubt emboldened critics. Years ago, after her first daughter was born she was fined for an ethics violation for using aides as babysitters. Still, when Democrats recently threatened legal action against her attempt to hold certain executive meetings by conference call, the public sensed it was just more vicious partisanship and rallied around her.

Behind all the hyper-concern about the governor’s absence is an idea that is . . . well, laughable: the idea that Massachusetts or any state for that matter cannot endure the temporary loss, or even diminished attention, of the governor, as if all of our lives depend on the constant manipulation of our society by the wizards in government. Governor Swift said of the criticism, “Unlike most of my adult life, two and a half weeks ago I stopped worrying about politics.” And Massachusetts has survived. Perhaps we can get other politicians to try it.

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