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You know, I consider myself quite the authority when it comes to all the scurvy tricks that the career politicians use to try to thwart and undermine the people. . . . But today I want to turn the podium over to a patriotic citizen out in Gig Harbor, Washington, who is also quite expert on the topic of conniving careerists.

Doug Vandervelde wrote a letter to the editor of the Seattle Times , responding to typical feeble arguments about why the career politicians should be allowed to ride roughshod over the rest of us. Doug said, “The wannabee ruling class includes many judges, bureaucrats, professional politicians, big-business power brokers and their lobbyists, and virtually all the media, who like easy access to . . . ‘safe’ and predictable permanent legislators.

Term limits are indeed a ‘distinct threat’ to these power elites.” Doug goes on to point out that the power grabbers do their best to ignore the people whenever the people fail to support something that’s demanded by the power grabbers. That might be public funding of a sports stadium, yet another tax hike, even the destruction of term limits.

If ‘We the People’ vote no, the politicians try to push us to keep voting the same question over and over again until we’re just too tired to resist the power grab. That’s their game plan, anyway. Too often, instead of seeking to represent their constituents, the politicians plot to outmaneuver them. And term limits make that tougher. That’s why Doug and you and me love term limits, but the politicians want to bury them.

This is Common Sense.  I’m Paul Jacob.

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