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Hey. Got a violin? Seems poor old Michigan lobbyist Craig Ruff president of something called Public Sector Consulting, if you can believe that has made a boo-boo. And now he’s banging his head against the wall. Yeah, Mr. Ruff has got it rough all right.

In a recent op-ed Ruff testifies that long ago and far away about 9 years ago, while he was helping pound out policy in the governor’s mansion, as a matter of fact he made the mistake of voting for term limits on state and federal officials. The federal limits did not survive the Supreme Court. But the state limits did. And now the results are coming in, and Ruff is regretful. Because it turns out that term limits actually limit terms. Oops. In Mr. Ruff’s eyes, Michigan voters are being denied an “opportunity” to re-elect Governor Engler, as well as dozens of state senators and representatives who must soon make way for others. This could lead to a disturbing trend of electoral contests actually meaning something in Michigan.

Why is that so tragic, in Mr. Ruff’s view? Well, for one thing, more empowerment of average citizens means that the lobbyists will take control of the legislature. Huh? Funny how so many lobbyists are so eager to give up the loads of extra power term limits supposedly gives them. There must be quite an outbreak of public-spirited altruism in the centers of power these days. Well, I could make a case against Lobbyist Ruff. But I think I’ll just let him make it against himself.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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