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Tensions are high these days all over the world, but even in these trying times politicians can provide some much needed comic relief . . . whether that is their intention or not.

Take Jorge Luis Castaneda, the mayor of Apatzingan, a small town in Mexico. He was a little concerned with reports of possible U.S. military action against his town. The mayor even wrote a letter to President George W. Bush, saying, “Mr. President Bush, I swear by what I hold dearest, which is my political career, that Apatzingan never had any active or moral role in the bloody events at the twin towers and the Pentagon.” Well glory be, in the midst of all the trauma, here is a politician so honest that he even confesses it’s his political career that he holds most dear.

Perhaps that is the ultimate oath for a politician, to swear on his sacred political career. But anyway, what the heck is he talking about? I mean, surely there is no attack on Apatzingan. (I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly.) Is there? Of course not. And the mayor’s aides were kind enough to inform him that it was Afghanistan not Apatzingan that was a likely target for U.S. military action.

That didn’t faze the good mayor, however, who was still sure he did the right thing in writing his letter to President Bush. “Well, I did send it off,” stated Mayor Castaneda, “just in case.” Politicians say the darnedest things.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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