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“Don’t cuss a farmer with your mouth full,” says the bumpersticker. Well, would it be okay to cuss a farmer who is also a politician? You might feel like cussing ’em when you learn that some congressmen, eleven, to be exact, are receiving thousands of dollars in federal taxpayer subsidies. Benefits they get to vote for themselves.

Some of these highly paid representatives, like Speaker Denny Hastert, get only a few thousand tax dollars a year. But Rep. Marion Berry of Arkansas has raked-in over $750,000 in the last four years. Three others have harvested over $100,000 each. Congress is voting on a new farm bill, full of sweetheart deals for everyone . . . oh, except the taxpayer.

Congressman Charles Stenholm of Texas, another recipient of farm subsidies, says he won’t sit back and deny subsidies to farmers “at the same time we are throwing money at every problem down the pike.” But Florida Congressman Dan Miller , a term limits supporter, who is stepping down at the end of this term just as he promised has a better idea.

He wants to amend the farm bill to reduce the price supports for sugar, a move that could save Americans as much as $400 million dollars. The sugar subsidies are especially outrageous, enriching a few powerful farmers at the expense of the rest of us. All too many Washington politicians are all too eager to dole out special favors at your expense. Miller, committed to coming back home, is trying to stop it.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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