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I’m a loving guy. But some things just make me mad, I’m sorry.

Jefferson Middle School in Fort Wayne, Indiana has an image of a Minuteman on a wall near the main door. It is, or was, a depiction of the kind of man who fought for our freedom and helped to found our great republic. How did the patriots of the Revolutionary War accomplish this deed? With guns, folks. Muskets. And the soldier on that wall of Jefferson Middle School had a musket too. At least, he did until now.

Because now the principal at Jefferson Middle has decided to have that musket painted out of the picture. He says it’s his patriotic duty to do so in these trying times. He says guns have no place in school. I see. And what about the textbooks in the school? Are we going to paint over all the muskets in the pictures and the words there, too? Well, then we’re going to have an awful hard time explaining how we beat the Redcoats and won our independence, because it wasn’t with pitchforks.

We’ll have an even harder time explaining the first clash of the Revolution. After all, it was the attempt of the British General Thomas Gage to seize a munitions depot at Concord that drew the “shot heard ’round the world.”

A gun is a good thing if it’s used by soldiers or police or citizens to defend life and liberty. A gun is a bad thing if it is used to destroy life and liberty. There’s a difference. And that difference can be taught. But, apparently, not in school.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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