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Oh, sure, he’s a jolly old elf most of the time. But just ask Mrs. Claus, he’s got a temper.

Not long ago, I compared Congress to Santa Claus, because both hand out lots of goodies. Well, Santa was not amused.

“How in the name of the North Pole can you compare me with the politicians in Congress?” Santa wanted to know. “My elves and I produce our presents ourselves and we make a list so they go to the nice people. The Congress takes from others and often gives the loot to folks who are naughty.”

He’s got a point. And who wants to argue with Santa, especially this time of year? Then came the flap in Kensington, Maryland, where the long tradition of Santa lighting the town Christmas tree was ended this year because a few families who don’t celebrate Christmas complained.

It seemed another case of political correctness run amok. Santa called and I was ready for an earful but Santa wasn’t mad at the families who complained or the town officials. “Christmas is my holiday,” Santa said calmly, “and I’ll not let anyone turn it into something that’s forced on people. I don’t want anyone forced to pay taxes against their will to celebrate Christmas. That’s not my style. And that’s what’s been going on in this little town taxpayer funded Christmas cheer.

“I don’t need any government mandates, after all, hundreds of people in Santa suits brought their own holiday cheer to the Kensington tree lighting this year. The spirit of Christmas is something you give, not something you take. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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