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Happy Birthday, Senator Thurmond. The Senator from South Carolina is turning 100 years old.

My goodness, a hundred years old and still serving the people in the United States Senate. That’s more than a millennium in dog years. Is this guy a career politician, or what? I gotta wonder, though has Senator Thurmond really been serving the people by serving so long? If Senator Thurmond hasn’t lost touch just a little, wouldn’t he realize he hasn’t quite been up to the job lately?

Now, I don’t for a second suggest that the good Senator hasn’t been working to serve the people these past 50 years just that he seems more concerned about getting into the Guinness Book of World Records. Career politicians say they have to keep clinging to office so their constituents can keep the clout. But no one would suggest that South Carolina’s fortunes in the Congress will be devastated because of Mr. Thurmond’s immenent departure. Thurmond had to give up his chairmanship of the Armed Services Committee because he could not physically keep up with rigors of the job.

For many years the polls have shown that South Carolinians wish Thurmond would retire, but they’ve been too nice to fire the guy. Thank goodness, Senator Thurmond chose not to run for reelection. I congratulate you, Senator, for having served so long without ever being indicted. But Senator, don’t you think you should have been term-limited quite awhile ago?

Senator? Hello? I say, Senator, can you hear me? Yoo-hoo! Oh, those career politicians never listen. . . .

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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