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Another dang-fool proposal by a master-planning columnist. Seems that a guy by the name of Jack Kelly has noticed what everybody notices if you fly at all: it’s torture now. Security procedures have become incredibly ludicrous and petty. I agree. If I have to take off my shoes one more time, I swear I’m gonna stop changing my socks.

Our friendly neighborhood columnist says, “I avoid flying if at all possible, not because I’m afraid of terrorists, but because I won’t put up with the hassles. It frosts me that the hassles do little to make me more safe.”

His solution? Increase the quality of airport screening by reducing the proportion of morons. Myself I don’t think that’s quite fair. The problems have more to do with bureaucratic lunacy from above than lunacy at the ground level.

And this guy would implement his solution by . . . imposing a draft. The only way to get as many competent people as we need as fast as we need them is “to draft them,” Kelly says. “Screening responsibilities should be turned over to the Army National Guard, and there should be a draft to fill the positions. A 15-month period of conscription would provide a year of service after three months of basic training.

Draftees would be rewarded for their service with G.I. Bill benefits.” Great, less freedom. So not only would we have to endure the torture of being screened, we’d also have to impose this torture on others? How would I be able to sleep at night?

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