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Political comedian and provocateur Bill Maher has made some very interesting comments about his friend, the political commentator and provocateur Ann Coulter.

Now, heaven knows either one of these folks can annoy the heck out of me. On the other hand, when they’re on my side, hey, great to have ’em. Because you know they speak their minds, aren’t going waffle all over the place to appease a perceived audience.

And Maher says, “What I love about Ann Coulter is that she’s sort of a version of myself in that she absolutely never pulls a punch. Even when she’s saying something that I think is outrageous, it’s what she really believes and she doesn’t back off of it. That is what I find so refreshing and, unfortunately, so unique. I can’t name five other people who do that, who don’t calculate before they speak. If she believes that nuns should carry guns, then she’ll just say that. . . .

“She’s not afraid to get booed. You know how wonderful a quality I find that? Not afraid to get a little booing. . . . And if [people] don’t agree with you, what ‘s the worst that can happen? . . . I experienced what the worst that could happen. You get fired. So what? You go on.”

Gosh, wouldn’t it be great if all our political leaders lived by the same principles when they speak, they’re gonna just tell you what they really think? My goodness, the voters would know what their choices are. And even if you didn’t get re-elected, at least you could sleep at night.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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