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The government tells us what to think. About everything from what to eat to whether we should smoke to how we should have sex.

Now they want to tell us what not to think.

Some people believe astronauts never made it to the moon. NASA is worried about this and is spending at least $15,000 of our money to respond. A trivial amount when you consider all the billions the government wastes on this and that. But it’s still ridiculous.

NASA has a good article at their web site refuting common fallacies about the moon walks. And that’s fine. But you don’t have to pay a writer $15,000 to get one good article. Or if you do, I want some of that.

Look, I’ll refute this for free as many others have already. No way NASA could have paid off all the crewmen and media and amateur astronomers and so forth that would have had to participate in a conspiracy this large.

Bottom line: there is plenty of evidence men have landed on the moon, zero evidence of a vast conspiracy enlisting millions of people who later got whacked to cover it up. I’m sure that many of us need instructions and that the people in government have all the answers. But does government really need to spend our money refuting all the strange things that some people believe?

That’s a trillion-dollar-a-year expenditure if it’s a dime. The real problem is that some people are illogical and have a great longing to believe fantastic claims. Can’t cure that with tax dollars.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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