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Let’s hope it’s not just tilting at windmills.

The National Taxpayers Union has just has just launched a national ad campaign to focus America’s attention on union violence. NTU believes that if corporate fraud is bad, then certainly beating people up for crossing a picket line is also bad. Why criticize one and ignore the other?

According to one of NTU’s ads, “Too many job actions include harassment, assaults, and even worse. In Ohio this spring, one union member was charged with plotting to launch explosives into a workplace.”

NTU tells the viewer to “tell Congress that union violence against hard-working Americans must stop. Tell them to pass the Freedom From Union Violence Act. Because that’s the only way the thugs who commit these crimes will get the message.”

Do we really need congressional action to counter violence that is already against the law? Maybe.

Authorities have too often turned a blind eye to union-led, union-bred violence. As if punching somebody in the nose in the name of the working man is somehow more forgivable than punching somebody in the nose because they looked at you the wrong way. The same union leaders wagging their fingers at fraudulent CEOs need to speak out at least as strongly against union violence.

Will the National Taxpayers Union succeed in their idealistic campaign against beating people up? I have to hope. It’s not the kind of thing anybody should have to put up with. And if enough people come to understand the problem, maybe we won’t have to.

This is Common Sense. I’m Paul Jacob.

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