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We wouldn’t be human if our emotions weren’t torn apart by the special reports commemorating September 11, 2001 the attack on the World Trade Towers in New York, and on the Pentagon. What I remember most from that September day and the days that followed was a spirit, a pride and a commitment to be our best when things were at their worst. New Yorkers made us all proud. They had a strength in their sorrow as well as in the resilient spirit they took to rebuilding.

The same spirit was evident from folks at the Pentagon, friends and neighbors of mine. And then there were the citizens who just happened to book a flight from Newark to San Francisco the one hijackers wanted to divert to Washington DC. The passengers, having been alerted to the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, went to war with the hijackers. They must have been terrified, but they stood up to the thugs who had taken over the plane, and caused the plane to crash in a field in Shanksville, PA winning our first victory in the war on terror.

The presence of mind of these heroes as they faced their doom is awe-inspiring. And there was something American about how they faced it, too. “Let’s roll,” a wife at the other end of a cell phone heard, after her husband bluntly told her he had to do what he had to do. The passengers made a plan and it seems they even voted on whether to attack the hijackers. They voted. Voted to be heroic. And were.

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