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What do you think about school vouchers, allowing students to use some of the tax dollars we’re now spending to go to the school of their choice? Is that worth at least trying in your schools? Washington, DC may be getting school vouchers. It’s being debated in Congress, because as a consistent policy Congress micromanages the city.

Susan McDermott opposes school vouchers in our nation’s capital. As a member of the school board, she is actively lobbying to block the new plan. That’s her right, of course. But still it’s a little strange. She’ s not a school board member in Washington, she’s from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Why does she care so deeply about the education programs in a city a thousand miles away? Is there a problem with trying vouchers in even a few places?

Some will argue, yes, that vouchers will be bad policy. Fine. But it sure seems like their real fear is that vouchers might improve education. The policy might work, for heaven’s sake! And that would be so embarrassing. Washington Mayor Anthony Williams supports the voucher proposal. He told The Washington Post : “Democrats can still have concerns about vouchers as a national issue, but give us a break in terms of what will work here in the District. We are not trying to make national policy here, we just want to help our children.” Help the children? Consider what’s best for the students in all of this political wrangling? The mayor is full of new ideas! Oh, but don’t let that influence any of our national policy. Heavens, no.

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