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Every once in a while I come across a report that reminds me, for all the gripes I sometimes have about life in the U.S., how good we’ve always had it here.

This particular story is positive, but it still makes me shake my head. It’s about the elimination of an old law in China requiring a couple to get permission from their employers before they can marry. According to the Associated Press, as soon as the law was dropped, “thousands of couples . . . wed in what, for some, was also a celebration of the retreat of outside interference in their private lives.” Hooray for that. Obviously, under the old way, it was easy for the commie boss to make trouble for young Chinese couples. And also easy for him to make extra cash off of them, in exchange for his stamp of approval.

One new groom says, “We’re really glad that this rule was canceled because it was a real hassle. It makes getting married feel even better.” I don’t doubt it. What could be the justification for such an absurd rule? From the American perspective, none whatever. But the communist government in China has a history of acting as if everything everybody does is their business.

It used to be that all Chinese worked for the government, and the marriage law was a holdover from that time. Things are getting better. The Chinese can now also apply for passports without the permission of employers. In bits and pieces, the Chinese people are slowly gaining more freedom. Let’s hope they get to go all the way.

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