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The audience for this show is wise and good. In a recent episode I noted that a new federal law mandated that teachers now must have a separate college degree for each subject they teach. An absurd requirement that if consistently followed would cause lots of problems around the country. Especially in rural areas.

I said that we don’t need the feds to tell us how to teach our kids. A listener who calls himself Nerdifool, but is neither nerdy nor a fool, wrote to echo my sentiments. Mr. Nerdifool reports that under the new law his wife, a retired grade school teacher, would “have to have a degree in English, Spanish, Math, Physical Education, and History, plus her Bachelors in Education . . .” about 26 years of book larnin’ before she could return to the classroom. Nerdifool says, “What we really need is to require all Congress Men and government bureaucrats to have a Bachelors Degree in Paper Pushing, a Masters Degree in Bullpucky, and a PHD in Bureaucratic Nonsense, plus a Certificate in Red Tape in addition to a Law degree, Masters in Law and a JD. That might slow the tide of crap coming out of Washington. . . .” Not a bad suggestion.

Then there was the listener who wrote in to advise me that there is no such thing as a degree in term limits. See, I had claimed to be pretty much an expert in term limits and political shenanigans even though I possess no advanced degrees in these subjects. Oh . . . I stand corrected.

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