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When I heard about it I could only roll my eyes. How typical of these career politicians and their anti-democratic antics.

Governor Warner, the top office-holder here in Virginia, doesn’t like the idea of us little people knowing what we’re going to vote on before we vote on it. It seems that the governor is in favor of making “changes” in the tax laws. What changes? Well, Warner says no details until after November 4, after voters have decided the fate of Virginia’s assemblymen. He says it would be unfair to expose his plan to debate right now. That would allow critics to take a “demagogue, sound-bite” approach.

We’re not going to get the details, but somehow I have an intuition that it’s about taxes going up, not down. A GOP critic of the governor, Scott Leake, says, “The ’95 election was a referendum on Allen. The ’99 elections were a referendum on Jim Gilmore and the car tax. The 2003 elections are a referendum on nothing.”  That may sound partisan, but Warner spokeswoman Ellen Qualls repeats the governor’s claim that sketching new tax policies now will only help the critics. She says letting voters know what they’re voting for is “not a responsible way to do what may be the most complex task politicians ever set out to do in government.”

Yeah, I’m sure it’s much too complex for us dumb voters to understand. We’re so dumb we even thought representative government had something to do with representation.

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